The glass studio, making glass sculptures on Eastbourne pier

Glenda at work
Myke at work
Ann at work

he Glass Studio has been established on Eastbourne pier since 1968, so to many residents of Eastbourne we have been displaying our craftwork from generation to generation.
Holidaymakers amble along Eastbourne's graceful seafront and when walking along the pier stopping to watch the free displays of our glass sculpturing.

We are open seven days a week throughout the year.

Artists Myke & Glenda have between them a wide selection of designs which have evolved over the years.
They work the glass by hand over a gas/oxygen lamp and manipulate shapes using different coloured glass into beautiful ornaments.

All the glass is solid and not hollow (apart from the vases which are specially blown for our flower models).
The colours are put in with coloured glass so that they don't fade and stay as good looking years later.

If you have an accident with your models, we also undertake repairs.

Prices range from 1 upwards.
Models include worms on sticks / cocktails sticks / small animals / flowers in vases / anniversary models with numbers, going up to elaborate models which are up to 50cm high.